Join Moscow International Medical Cluster for clinical operations, educational and research activities
The Moscow International Medical Cluster (MIMC) is projected to be one of the largest international medical hubs in Eastern Europe and a major destination center for the treatment of socially significant diseases in Russia and CIS.

MIMC operations are regulated by the special Federal law № 160-2015: OECD registered medical activities do not require Russian licenses and approvals within the cluster.

MIMC was established and is supervised by the Moscow Government .

The concept of the cluster was developed with the support from The Boston Consulting Group.

By 2029, the cluster will host 15-20 facilities, the first ones will be ready to begin operating in 2018.

MIMC is located in Skolkovo Innovation Center (the biggest Russian project in innovations) and projected to construct up to 450,000 m² of total facilities.
To provide world-class healthcare services
MIMC's main goals
To exchange international knowledge among medical professionals
To mediate cooperation in R&D
Russian economy's rank in terms of GDP PPP among the BRICS club.
MIMC offers access to Russian healthcare market
There are no significant international players in the market now.
120 to 40
Russia's "doing business" rank increased in the last 5 years.
Total healthcare spending in Russia in 2016.
Spending in Russia on healthcare services in 2016.
Health services market CAGR in 2016–2019.
OOP and VMI segments CAGR in 2016–2019.
The market share of Top 5 players in OOP and VMI segments.
EBITDA margins of private players.
Moscow share of Russian OOP and VMI market.
OECD-registered licenses are acknowledged within MIMC territory without any extra licensing required: medical protocols, medicines, medical devices and certificates for medical, educational, R&D specialists.

Work with international staff is allowed without quotas for invitations and job permits. These privileges are regulated by the Federal Law "On the International Medical Cluster" No.160-FZ, 2015.
OECD medical operators can enter MIMC without changes to their operational models.
The Skolkovo IC a developing high technology business hub in Russia that partners with more than 50 large Russian and international corporations.

The Skolkovo IC has well-developed infrastructure, which allows 31,000 people study, work, live and enjoy spare time within the same territory. A well-developed social infrastructure includes business centers with exhibition areas, sport facilities, golf club, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, stores, etc.

It is a 20 to 30-minute drive from Moscow center and has well-established links to Moscow and the Moscow Region via established transport connectivity (express electric train, buses, roads, parking, etc. is available).
The Moscow International Medical Cluster is located on 57 hectares in the Skolkovo Innovation Center.
The MIMC territory will boast medical facilities, R&D and educational centers, as well as infrastructure, housing for patients and medical staff, etc., all in one place.

As the core element of the cluster, medical facilities will include: a Diagnostics & Outpatient center and a Multi-profile hospital as the first pilot centers, followed by a range of Centers of Excellence, specialized clinics focused on Russia's most critical areas (oncology, cardiology, rehabilitation etc.).

Focusing on high-quality treatment outcomes, Centers of Excellence will become a point of difference for MIMC in the market.
MIMC's Concept
Moscow Government committed to invest 9,74B RUB (≈164M USD), including 6.9B RUB (≈116M USD) into medical facilities.
Moscow is welcoming partners to join Moscow International Medical Cluster as a Medical operator, Healthcare investor, Educational and R&D partner. To become a participant of MIMC, a contender should submit an application and sign an agreement with the International Medical Cluster Foundation.
Briefly how to join
IMC Foundation established by Moscow Government as a managing company, which provides to the project participants:
International Medical Cluster Foundation
Russian market entry support,
Investors relations support,
Russian healthcare partner's relations support,
Access to Skolkovo Innovation Center ecosystem.
+7 495 139-24-44
IMC Foundation office address:
35/1 Usacheva Str., Moscow, 119048, Russia
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